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Certified Financial Social Work Counselor

Certified Financial Social Work Counselor

                                                                                                                                                      As a Certified Financial Social Work Counselor I use an interactive, introspective, behavioral model that will helps clients build self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence while better understanding their relationship with their money. As they begin to experience financial healing they recognize their ability to take control of their money and gain control of their lives.
Clients are given the tools to go beyond just dollars and cents to use inner dialogue and self reflection to explore their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs about money and gaining confidence, and competence in managing their money and their lives.

I am available for individual or family counseling, group sessions or support groups with organizations, and presentations for organizations or events.

Some topics available are:

  • Youth financial literacy
  • Budgeting for Life after Graduation
  • Better Money Management
  • Making Adoption Affordable
  • Criminal justice involved, re-entry and addiction financial tools
  • How to recognize diminished capacity and the dangers
  • Avoiding scams and identity theft
  • Home buying and preventing foreclosure
  • Understanding your credit score and improving it
  • Mindful Spending
  • Career, earning, and saving goals
  • Saving for retirement


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